About We Care Clinic


We Care Clinic in River Oaks, Texas, takes a personal approach to health care for adults and geriatric patients. Experienced physicians, Ayesha Kanwal, DO, and Shabnam Qasim, MD, use holistic and traditional techniques to treat a variety of acute and chronic medical conditions, including autoimmune disorders, high blood pressure, and hormone imbalances. The team believes in treating patients as a whole person rather than just a list of symptoms and cares for each like a member of their own family.

The We Care Clinic is fully equipped with the latest diagnostic technologies to evaluate unexplained symptoms and identify chronic diseases, like lupus, diabetes, and asthma. The providers use the in-office lab to provide fast, accurate test results and offer mobile radiology services on-site to evaluate joint pain. A variety of advanced treatments are available for acute and chronic conditions, including bioidentical hormone therapy for hormone imbalances  for lupus.

As a part of their preventive care services, the We Care Clinic team provides customized weight loss programs, annual physicals, mental health evaluations, and preventive screenings to diagnose underlying medical conditions in the earliest stages. The providers also offer in-office intravenous (IV) therapy to boost overall health and address vitamin deficiencies.

For older patients, the We Care Clinic staff offers high-quality geriatric care services that focus on the unique challenges of the elderly. In addition to preventive screenings, the providers perform risk assessments for falls, mental health issues, and neglect to ensure the health and safety of each patient.

If you’re looking for a reliable primary care provider, schedule a consultation with the experienced, compassionate team at We Care Clinic. You can book an appointment through the online booking feature or by calling the River Oaks office today.